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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a passcard? Passcards are used for confirming your identification with the Command Center. You will need to give a valid name and passcode before Command Center can accept your instructions to cancel or test your alarm. Anyone who has a key for your home and might need to disarm your system, should have a passcard and understand the procedures for canceling an alarm. Our customers can fax passcard changes to us at either branch office.

How can I test the system myself? Like most security companies, we recommend that you have your system professionally maintained at least once a year. We also strongly recommend that you test the system yourself in the interim. To do so, call the Command Center and let them know you want to put your system on test. Your passcard will have all the information you need: the Command Center phone number, your account number and passcode. Some authorities also like to be notified when a test is being performed. Conduct your test by arming your system and setting off devices or by using the test feature, if you have one. Call the Command Center to verify that all the signals you sent were received. When you're finished testing, tell the Command Center. Call us if you detected any problems.

What if I want to give the Command Center special instructions? ? Let's say you're doing some remodeling that might set off a fire alarm or a device needs a battery but you can't correct the problem immediately. You can instruct Command Center to put your system, or any part of it, into test for up to 24 hours with verbal instructions. This will prevent an unnecessary dispatch or repeat phone calls. If you need additional time, you can renew your instructions. Make sure to call us if you need special instructions on your account for a longer time.

Why should one person be responsible for managing my alarm system? It's very important for commercial and industrial accounts to have someone on-site be responsible for managing the system. Not only does it improve our ability to service the system, it avoids confusion for the other employees. The system manager would be responsible for keeping the system records, updating user information and training other employees.

How do I silence an alarm? This varies with different systems. Generally, arming/disarming your system will silence your alarm. Some systems require your user code followed by the escape key. See System Support for more specific information.

How do I stop my keypad from beeping? This depends on the reason it's beeping and the type of system you have. A power failure or trouble signal from one of your devices can cause beeping. Most Radionics systems will respond when you press the command key followed by the number 4. Check out System Support in our Services section for more specific information for your panel.

What does it mean when my system says communications failure? This usually means that your test signal did not get to the Command Center. Do a test to see if your system is working properly. If it's not, find out if there has been any telephone work done recently. Make sure the phone lines used for the alarm system are still connected and that there has been no recent change in the dialing instructions.

How can I change the battery in my wireless device? Disarm the system and remove the sensor cover. If you have identical batteries, you can change them yourself. Please be aware that some devices will lose their programming if batteries are removed for more than 60 seconds. Do not remove the batteries to look for replacements.

How can I earn free monitoring for my system? It's simple! Just tell your friends about us and have them mention you when they talk to us. If they buy a system or begin monitoring service with us, we give you three months of free monitoring as a thank-you.

My alarm system went off accidentally. I quickly put in the code and shut it off. I waited for a call but never received one. Is something wrong?? It's probably one of two things. Your alarm system allows you a very short time to cancel without sending any signal. In this case, your panel would have known you cancelled the signal so it didn't send a signal. If a signal was sent and immediately followed by a cancel signal, the central station received a valid cancel. No further action was necessary since they knew an authorized code was entered. You can verify if any signals were received at the central station by calling to review the activity. As always, we recommend you test your system often and especially when there is any concern. If you have any doubts about what took place or questions about your system, please call us.

Can I extend the warranty on my system? Yes! H&S offers service agreements to cover the cost of repair work and equipment replacement. Please call us for details on how a service agreement can be economical and hassle-free.Yes! H&S offers service agreements to cover the cost of repair work and equipment replacement. Please call us for details on how a service agreement can be economical and hassle-free.

Will my alarm system still work during a power outage? Your system is equipped with a back-up battery to keep your system running for hours in case of a power loss. That's why it's important to make sure the panel battery is functioning properly. Make sure to let us know if you're ever notified of a low battery signal.

Do I need to notify anyone if I am remodeling? Call us if your remodeling might affect any part of your alarm system. Also, if you have fire protection, remember that part of your system is always on. Put your system on test to prevent the chance of false alarms from fumes or steam resulting from tasks such as power sanding, steam cleaning and painting.

Do I need to let you know if I have changes with my phone system? Notify our Service Department if you have any changes (such as adding a prefix) that may affect your panel's ability to dial-out. Also let us know if you add any equipment to your line that might affect your panel, such as DSL or fax service. It's important that your alarm panel maintain its ability to take over the phone line in case of an alarm. Obviously, it's critical to make sure the Command Center has your correct contact number so they can quickly verify any alarm signals they receive.

Will my system still work if phone lines are down or someone cuts my phone line? Your system will still alert you locally, but no signal will reach the Command Center until after phone service is restored. Cellular back-up service for your alarm system is available to increase your level of protection. Please call us for details.

Do I need to notify anyone that I installed an alarm system? Make sure to call your local authorities to inform them. Some jurisdictions require a one-time or annual permit fee. Most at least want to have your location registered to know you have a system and ensure a faster response. Many will send you a packet of information on local false alarm ordinances and their department policies. If not, ask them how false alarms are handled in your area.

What if I need to know when my system is armed and disarmed? Your system can be programmed to send signals to show when your system is armed or disarmed. There is an additional charge for the programming and the monthly service. Activity reports can be mailed, e-mailed or faxed to you. You can also opt for online access to see your activity 24 hours a day. Call us for more details.


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